Puppy Visits

If you have a new puppy at home then you know how much attention they need! Puppies shouldn’t spend more than 3-5 hours in their crate. We offer relief for your puppy to go outside and get some TLC if you can’t make it home.

  • We will arrange for a complimentary meet and greet to discuss prices, frequency of visits, any special needs, etc.

  • This will give you and your puppy a chance to meet and get to know us

The visit:

  • A standard visit is about 20 minutes

  • Your puppy will be let out to relieve themself

  • They will get some time to play and eat

  • Finally, your puppy will be put safely back in his/her crate or space

How much?:

  • 1 visit per day: $25

  • 2 visits per day: $40